2018/06/10 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear brothers and sisters,


On this tenth Sunday in ordinary time the question has been raised about the origin of Jesus’ power that transformed the lives of so many people. To answer this question Mark’s Gospel highlights the point about Jesus to be the powerful Savior with strong and mighty grace who comes to rescue humankind from anything that might tie them down. Mark describes Jesus as the strong man who uses his power to liberate, to heal, to forgive and to save. Since the dark power of Satan was at work on earth, he was the perfect response to defeat the darkness.


His power comes from God the Father who sent Him to defeat the prince of darkness. He has been vested by the power of God to accomplish a rescue mission and to form a new community of believers; men and women of faith whom through the spirit of discipleship become his true family. The vain accusation of the Scribes about Jesus acting on Beelzebul’s behalf is part of a greater conspiracy against God’s plan to set humanity free from the bondage and the glamour of evil. Once again today we continue to see the action of the devil in our world and society but we strongly believe that Christ is stronger than the greatest obstacles we can imagine that happen today. He invites us to share with Him his great rescue mission to fulfill the divine will and liberate all those who have been trapped by the grip of death.


** Please allow me to share with you what is going on, on campus during the summer: Since last Monday June 4th we began the renovation of the Parish Hall. As I stated in my letter several weeks ago there is a great need to do some major repairs; upgrades and even to bring to code some areas. The hall is a great asset for the school and has been used for different purposes. For the restoration the school was able to secure from two different Foundations an amount of $200,000.00. The total cost for the restoration will be $368,482.00 not included new AC Units and furniture.


New Roofs are being installed on Four buildings: the Church, Cafeteria, Saint Joseph House (Old Convent), and School Offices buildings. All these roofs were damaged by hurricane Irma in 2017 and are covered under the insurance however our deductible will be $143,600.00. I will appreciate if anyone can support us for these projects. I am very aware of the sacrifices you have made to provide generously for the parish in order to be where we are today. Once again, I anticipate thanking you for your contribution and support. I pray that God our Father will grant you and your families his countless blessing.


Fr. Ducasse Francois, Pastor