Become a Member of Our Parish!

     A parishioner is a member of a parish community. We invite you to be part of our community of faith and to participate as fully as you are able in all areas of our parish life.

    We encourage all individuals and families to register in the parish. This may be done by calling the Parish Office (561) 833-9745 – Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Rev. Ducasse François

Parish Registration Form (English)

Forma de Registro para la Iglesia (Español)

Faith Formation Registration:

Registration Form for RCIA (English)

Formulario de Registro para R.I.C.A. (Español)

Registration Form for RCIA & Marriage (English)

Formulario de Registro para R.I.C.A. y Matrimonio (Español)

2022-2023 Registration Check List / 2022-2023 Lista de Registro (English / Español)

2022-2023 Registration Form (English)

2022-2023 Formulario de Registro (Español)

2022-2023 Registration Form RCIA with Adaptation for Children (English)

2022-2023 Formulario de Registro R.I.C.A. Adaptado para Niños (Español)

2022-2023 Registration Form Confirmation (English)

2022-2023 Formulario de Registro Confirmación (Español)

2022 2023 RCIA Calendar (English)

2022-2023 R.I.C.A. Calendario (Español)

2022-2023 Registration Flyer (English)

2022-2023 Volante de Registro (Español)